Phd positions

We are always looking for phd students in our group. The thematic focus is the same as for our postdoc positions, see there.

The positions are fully funded. Tuition fee is covered. 2000 Euro before taxes is provided. (Tax rate typically 20%) Health insurance is covered. (Estonia has a low cost of living.) Additional remuneration for, e.g., teaching is possible.

Applications are accepted at any time (until all positions are filled), and positions can start as soon as possible.

To apply, please send the following documents to

  • Curriculum vitae (please explain your scientific background)
  • List of publications, if any
  • A summary explaining your master thesis/thesis project (and possible connections to the position)
  • Research plan (i.e., how do you think you could contribute to the topic)
  • At least two letters of reference (please ask for the letters to be sent directly to us)
  • Masters degree (if you do not have it yet, provide whatever confirmation you can get)
  • Grade transcript

Please apply as soon as possible.