Cryptographic Protocols research group

Open Positions

We have currently several open positions, and we are both looking for new postdocs and new PhD students. Please email Helger Lipmaa for more information.

Group Description

The research group performs research in the generic area of cryptographic protocols, including but not only

  • Design of efficient zero-knowledge protocols
  • E-voting, esp. including
    • Verifiable (zero-knowledge) mixnets
    • Bulletin boards
  • Blockchain, esp. privacy in blockchain
  • Privacy-preserving data mining and machine learning
  • Relations with coding theory

The group is currently funded by the following projects:

  • Panoramix - H2020 project on verifiable mixnets
  • PRIViLEDGE - H2020 project on privacy in distributed ledgers
  • PRG49 - Estonian research grant on "Cryptographic Protocols and Coding Theory"

Please see the individual project places for more information about our research.


  • Team leader: research professor Helger Lipmaa (dblp)
  • Postdoc: Michal Zajac (dblp)
  • Ph.D. students:
    • Toomas Krips (dblp, expected to defend Ph.D. late 2018 / early 2019)
    • Behzad Abdolmaleki (dblp), Karim Baghery (dblp), Janno Siim (dblp, all started PhD studies in 2016)
    • Hamidreza Khoshakhlagh (started Ph.D. studies in 2018)
  • M.Sc. students:
    • Janno Veeorg, Gennaro Avitabile (exchange student from Salerno)

Alumni (not complete)

  • Sven Laur (defended PhD in 2008, now a senior research fellow in Tartu)
  • Bingsheng Zhang (defended PhD in 2011, now a lecturer in Lancaster)
  • Prastudy Fauzi (defended PhD in 2017, now a postdoc in Aarhus)
  • Rafik Chaabouni (defended PhD in 2017, now a IT risk analyst, Pictet Group)